We Specialize in Custom-made Tutus

We Specialize in Custom-made Tutus
Each tutu is handmade to meet your specifications

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Get into character with our Halloween Tutus

Prices range from $20-$25

Halloween Tutus

Little Devil

Candy Corn



Price: $20 each

Tasty Tutus

Mint-Chocolate Tutu $20

Chew Chew Tutu $20 (knots are optional)

Watermelon Tutu $20 (one layer) $25 (two layers)

Strawberry Tutu $22

Lemon-Lime Tutu $20

Licorice Tutu $20

Peaches 'n Cream Tutu $20

In loving memory of Christine Humphreys

Born in 1951 to a loving family in Salt Lake City, Utah, she found her love for dance early in life. This was a true passion for her. Through her dance studio, she taught self confidence and respect for others. But, most importantly, she loved each and every one of her little dancers.

Christine, with the pain of cancer behind her, has gone to dance with the angels in heaven where she is finally free. Her unique ability to see the beauty in each little girl is the reason this company was created. In her honor, we donate tutus to children who’s paths are darkened by cancer. We hope to lighten the way a little by sharing the knowledge that they are each a forever princess, an eternal truth lovingly taught by Christine.

Until we meet again… We love you, Mom!